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VP Fuels T4 - 5 Gallon pail

VP Fuels T4 - 5 Gallon pail

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VP T4 fuel is designed for stock or slightly modified 4-stroke engines. It's unleaded and ethanol-free. T4 is a direct pour-in replacement for premium pump gas, which has a short storage life. In addition, pump gas causes a heightened need for repairs in all engines after periods of non-use. Furthermore, when riders face extreme conditions, they are usually forced to add octane boosters or race fuel to increase the octane of pump gas.

However, T4’s 97 octane rating (R+M/2) provides greater protection against detonation. VP T4 also offers 2-3% more power and better throttle response across the entire RPM range. This applies when compared with more expensive performance parts. Those typically increase power along only a small slice of the power curve.


Local Pickup ONLY

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