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3157 7443 1157 1156 BAU15S White Amber Red LED Turn Signal DRL Brake Tail Reversing Light Bulbs LED Bulbs 56W 600% High Brightness CAN-Bus Error Free B21 Series | 2 Bulbs

3157 7443 1157 1156 BAU15S White Amber Red LED Turn Signal DRL Brake Tail Reversing Light Bulbs LED Bulbs 56W 600% High Brightness CAN-Bus Error Free B21 Series | 2 Bulbs

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AUXBEAM's latest super bright, fully decoded, best performing exterior bulb.
Designed to be plug-and-play without the need to connect additional load decoders.
A full range of complete sockets, and 4 light color temperature options to match the color of your car's light shell.

Suitable for installation of turn signals, brake lights, tail lights, reversing light, daytime running light, ...positions.

Color options:
◼6500K White light;
◼3500K Amber light;
◼Red light;
◼White&Amber Switchback;
⚠️Only works when your original bulbs have both parking/DRL and turn signal lights in one bulb, the front turn signal light.
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 "White&Amber Switchback Turn Signal"

Key Features:
♦Super-Bright Lighting:
36 pieces of customized 3030LED, 360-degree super-bright illumination, the brightness output is 2-3 times brighter than normal LED replacement bulbs. Ensure the safe operation of the vehicle.

♦Stronger Heat Dissipation:
It can ensure stable 28W high power, relies on the high-speed fan to dissipate heat quickly, and the heat sinks of the lamp body control the temperature to prevent overheating and burnout.

♦Decoding For 98% Vehicle Models:
Most models will have instrument panel failures or strobe lights after replacing the turn signals with normal LED lights. Additional resistors need to be connected to match the car system.
AUXBEAM's Newest light bulb perfectly solves the above problems and is easier, faster, and safer to install.

♦Plug & Play
No need to add additional resistors or parts.

♦Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC)
An excellent smart temperature control system will protect the bulb from overcurrent and overheating and ensure a longer lifespan.

The built-in MINI fuse protects the bulb and your car from high transient currents. Safer installation and use.

Package Included:
2pcs* LED Bulbs


Stocks Options:

LED Type: SMD 3030
LED Quantity(per bulbs): 36pcs
Efficacy(per bulb):
◼Bright Mode: 28W
◼Dim Mode: 5W
Operating Voltage: 12-24V
Color Option:
◼6500K Xenon White;
◼3500K Amber;
Adjustable Color: No

Material: Aviation 6063 Aluminum
Heat dissipation mode: Fan Cooling
LED Lifetime: 50000 hours
Waterproof: IP68
Ambient Operating Temperature: -40 celsius degree-150 celsius degree
CAN Bus: Yes
Fits 98% of vehicles: In-built fully upgraded CANbus.
Some sensitive cars may flicker after installation (not a quality issue), specific Canbus decoders are needed.
Installation position:
Bake lights; Reverse lights, tail lights, turn signal bulbs;
(Note: This bulb cannot be installed in your Day Time Running light position)
Warm reminder: the Bulb Size may vary between trim of your vehicle, please double check the owner's manual or original bulb number to confirm before purchasing.
Fit Size:

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