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Rhino Lite Bluetooth Whips - Made in House

Manufacturer: Rhino Lights
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Rhino went back to the basics with the same high quality components, a INSANLY strong UV resistant polycarbonate tube in a LITE version. Our EXCLUSIVE handcrafted led whip lights are built in house at Rhino Light's Headquarters using our custom manufactured led strips that have a proprietary clear silicone blend resin with UV protection on the LED Strips to prevent cracking and fading from exposure from the sun. This extra layer of protection combined with our Dunbar Clear heat shrink gives our whips a double layer of protection which comes in handy when you are on the trails through the mud, sand, snow, water and anything else you can through at it. Buy with confidence knowing your whips are backed with our LIFETIME warranty

Learn more about our LED Whip base here: 

Springs are available and recommended STRONGLY for whips especially if riding in low hanging environments with trees or other items that you can hit.