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Extreme Flex Bluetooth LED Whips with Reversing, Brakes and Turn Signals

Manufacturer: Rhino Lights
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Closeout - 30day warranty

Now our IMPROVED quick connect system that integrates into a SINGLE wire that AUTO CONNECTS THE WIRES when you attach the whips, No more plugging and unplugging the the wire to the whips.

Now our whips just got better with new and improved bluetooth app, and added REVERSE functionality!! After upgrading our app with a more robust and easier to use app they now use the same app with our Matrix Series Rock Lights and Cyclone Rock light kits.

We have improved our braking functionality to increase the safely to a strobe red color when the brakes are pressed! No more mistaking it from just red! Also now when you activate the turn signal the brake go SOLID RED. The whips are wrapped a full 360 degrees for led light output on all sides!